Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Persuasive Letter Writing

We have been very busy in Room 1! After reading the book "I Wanna Iguana" about a little boy who writes letters to his mom persuading her to let him get an iguana as a pet, we decided to do the same! We learned about the form of a letter and talked about how we could write our letter so as to persuade the reader to agree to our request. Everyone wrote the first draft of their letter in their writer's notebook and then I edited their letters for spelling and punctuation. Each child then wrote their good copy. 

It seemed a waste to go to the trouble of writing the letter for no audience so we decided to mail the letter as well! We learned about addresses and talked about what streets we live on and what city/province/country we live in. And finally...we walked to the mailbox to mail our letters! It was so much fun! Be sure to check your mailbox in the next few days for a very special letter :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

100 Day

We had a great 100th Day of school. Check out some of the fun activities we did. 

We made pictures using 100 dots. 

We made 100 day crowns. 

We built towers using 100 cups. 

We counted out 100 Lego pieces and then built structures. 

We made fruit loop necklaces...and had to count by 10's many times to figure out if the necklace had 100 yet. 

And check out our trail mix...yummy!

We also did 100 exercises, sat silently for 100 seconds and counted to 100 many times. We are definitely 100 days smarter!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Jackson Pollock

We studied Jackson Pollock and we were fascinated by the way he created his art. Did you know that Jackson Pollock drizzled, dripped and splattered paint on huge canvases? We couldn't let Mr. Pollock have all the fun...so we created a class masterpiece using the same methods as Jackson Pollock. We had so much fun!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Math Games & Puzzle Day!!!

Today was math game and puzzle day. Games are excellent for teaching math skills. We learn to recognize numbers, count with one to one correspondence, subitize, use problem solving skills and best of all, games are fun! Puzzles are also great for spatial awareness and problem solving. We also get to practice turn taking skills and losing/winning graciously. Do you have a weekly game night at your house? If not, consider planning your first family game night this week. You will help your child with math skills and have fun together at the same time!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Learning in Kindergarten

Look! The students are making words they know! 

We look like professional sketch artists!

This is our new light table. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Discovery Bins

Halloween is fast approaching! We are loving our Halloween themed Discovery centres. 

Math: Halloween patterns

Artistic Exploration: Making monsters

Literacy: Stamping letters with Halloween stamps

Fine Motor: Cutting spider webs

Technology: WTK app on the iPad

Nature Alphabet & Playing in the Leaves

Last week we worked on our Nature Alphabet. We went outside and collected a variety of natural items; leaves, rocks, pine cones, etc. After collecting our items we played in the leaves. We had so much fun building leaf piles, rolling in the leaves and of course throwing the leaves in the air!